We exist to be a center of renewal and revival for our city, region, and world.


Our mission is to train and release the body of Christ to do the work of Christ by giving ourselves fully to the Presence of God, Family of God and Mission of God.


We have three core values that guide our thinking and practice as a church and help us shape our lives to be like Jesus: Presence, Family and Mission. Here’s a little bit about how we define each of those.

  • Intimacy: I regularly spend time with God and know how I best connect with Him.

  • Scripture: I regularly spend time in the Scriptures and know how to apply them to my life.

  • Prayer: I regularly spend time in prayer and understand its effectiveness.

  • Worship: I regularly give God my attention and affection and know how to cultivate a life of praise.

  • Soul Care: I practice honesty and pursue healing in my life and know how to maintain a healthy soul.

  • Identity: I know who I am in Christ and what it means to be part of God’s family.

  • Gifts: I have an understanding of my spiritual gifts and how to utilize them.

  • Serving: I identify the needs of others and meet them sacrificially.

  • Healthy Relationships: I strive for unity among the Church and pursue reconciliation when conflicts arise.

  • Community: I regularly spend time with the family of God and understand the value of these relationships in my life.

  • Calling: I understand my God-given purpose and how to live it out.

  • Hospitality: I open my life to those outside the church and know how to display Jesus to them.

  • Generosity: I am sacrificial with my resources and understand how to give with Kingdom purpose.

  • Proclaiming: I know the story of the Gospel and know how to share Good News with others.

  • Multiplying: I invite others to become more like Jesus and know how to make disciples who make disciples.


How do I grow here?

Whether it is your first Sunday here or you are a regular attender there is an opportunity for you to take your next step.

Listen to Pastor Tim share about our Vision, Mission and Values and what it looks like to take your next step in our discipleship pathway.